Why Business Model Innovation?

How often do you take time to zoom out and assess your business? The business climate has changed: globalisation of the markets, technological developments and innovative new players are entering the market. For many companies change is something that happens to them. SPARK Accelerator helps you lead the change in order to grow and stay ahead of your competition.

Unlock the existing knowledge in your organization and become future-proof:

  • Identify ‘white space’ growth opportunities.
  • Generate valuable, new ideas.
  • Enter international markets succesfully.
  • Use new technologies and metrics.
  • Identify cost saving opportunities.
Is your business model future-proof?
Is your focus on the daily operations limiting your growth?
How often do you take a breath and thoroughly assess your business?
Is it the right time to expand internationally?

Business Model Innovation Programs


SPARK Accelerator offers different programs to facilitate business model innovation for growth. Our programs deliver focus, speed, and actionability in scaling your business.

We help you and your team to unlock the existing knowledge in your organization, offering inspiration, tools, experience and knowledge to expand or even disrupt your market.


(4 hour session)

The SPARK Business Model Canvas challenges and assesses how future-proof you are and generates high level ideas for future growth.

You will walk away with a sanity check of your existing business model(s). Together we will produce a shortlist of opportunities that will spark your business.


(2 day program)

On top of the Quick Scan deliverables, SPARK Accelerator will determine the feasibility of the shortlisted opportunities. Based on specific business metrics, the opportunities will be integrated into a validation plan.

You will walk away with a concrete strategy roadmap and execution plan to start validating the most viable business opportunities for your company.


(tailor-made program)

On top of the Big Fix, SPARK Accelerator will provide hands-on support during the critical early stages of implementation.

SPARK Accelerator will work closely with you to implement the business model to achieve market traction within a short period of time. A period of validation, decision making, iteration in order to generate growth.

Meet Jay van Galen Last

Focus is key but sometimes you must take time to zoom out. This is where I can help you!

My mission is to help you with my unique blend of relevant experience. The majority of my experience has been with a leading multinational in the field of sales, marketing, supply chain management, customer care, and overseas general management. Subsequently I became involved in various new companies as a shareholder, manager and consultant, focussing on (international) business development. I have developed various successful business and distribution models for different products and markets.

I understand what it is to be big and what it is to be small, with the different accompanying growing pains. My aim is to enhance your business development by combining a structured solid analysis of your business model and plan, with entrepreneurial low cost business solutions, including the use of latest technologies. This is typically relevant for small and middle sized companies wishing to expand their business and cross new borders.

I will challenge you to upgrade the way you do business with simple proven tools that activate and stimulate the intrinsic strengths of your organization, focussed on business development.

Book Our Lunch & Learn

An inspiration session to create Business Model Innovation awareness & spark new ideas.

Learn how some companies are able to outsmart their competition - and even disrupt the market! - while other companies head into a slow motion crash. Be ready to be inspired (and not only by the usual suspects).

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